Mark’s Four-Point Action Plan for Building a Strong Democratic Party

Step One—Reach out and reinvigorate core party membership: labor, attorneys, women, teachers, tribal organizations, minorities, and youth.

Step Two—Ensure the existing list of leaders, from the precinct level up, is current and incorporated into an email base. Within weeks of taking office, send a membership survey to determine the level of activity each leader will provide. Respondents will be asked to share ideas for membership recruitment, voter registration, activities, and fundraising. Establish a permanent monthly email to party leaders.

Step Three—Initiate a voter registration drive. For the first time in recent Oklahoma history, Democrats are in the minority by some 4,000 voters. By making the commitment to overcome this gap, we can immediately restore Democratic majority registration.

Step Four—Set up a Listserv (a closed electronic communication set), which will allow every leader to communicate confidentially with his or her fellow party officials.

From these four basic steps we can progress to more ambitious projects:

  • Expanding the base of monthly contributors to provide financial security
  • Setting up annual activities that will train leaders to: make each county organization successful, convey party ideas in local and social media, and become a candidate or campaign manager
  • Refining our overall voter registration to focus on specific groups and areas
  • Providing signs, streamers, buttons, balloons and materials for county groups to have a year-round presence at county fairs, Fourth of July celebrations, local athletic events, and community activities
  • Having a Democratic leadership group in every college
  • Having at least one high school Democratic leadership group in every county